Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Disney Princesses

As parents so much comes our way that we must sift through. Before the new Disney Princess movie was released (The Princess And The Frog) all the toys and clothes were out. I thought the kissing frogs were cute. I also realized they have done Asian, Indian, and white princesses, but not black. Before Christmas I spoke with a woman who took her children to see it. She talked about how evil it was. She said if you are fine with seeing "demons" swirling around the room while someone seeks wisdom from them, then you would be fine with the movie. She said it freaked her kids out and they hid their faces. At hearing that I decided it was a movie we could skip. Yes there's a spirit world and I want Kaitlyn to know that, but I don't want her to think we go to the devil for advice. I don't want her to think it's cute or funny either to play around in the spirit world like that.

Now I'm no fool. There's magic in all the Disney Princess movies. Some I see as worse then others. I remember seeing Little Mermaid for the first time and being taken back by the sea witch and how evil she was. However there's some I forgot about. Over the weekend Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs was on TV. We were all sitting around watching the cute little guys wash up remembering when we watched it as kids. Then we were back to the evil... step mom? What was the lady who sent her away? I don't know. Anyway, the movie has really dark points. I totally forgot about all of that. I just remember Snow White cleaning up with all the animals. And of course the seven dwarfs.

For Easter I want to get Kaitlyn Joy Gigi God's Little Princess DVDs. At least this way I know she will be learning some good principles too.


Sheila said...

Hello, I don't remember how I came across your blog or if I have ever left a comment before, but I do follow you! My 3.5 year old has made me realize how much unfriendly kid material is in some of the disney/pixar movies! She heard Nemo tell his dad "I hate you" and in turn said it to her dad. She also has realized that some of the characters die and has talked about dying and whatnot. So I am with you in realizing some of the movies have questionable content. I have taken a few movies out of her drawer that she isn't allowed to watch anymore and one is "All Dogs Go To Heaven." I didn't realize how much death was apart of that movie until I watched it with her. (Title should of given it away right? duh! lol)

Janice said...

Be warned you will get some flack. I was the weird mom for years. I figured you start out as you want to go on. I tried to stay away from magic and a few other things. This meant I didn't get to see movies I might have enjoyed, but maybe that was good for me, too.
Another thing I emphasized at a young age was modesty. I didn't want my girls going for the immodest clothing when they were 16, so I didn't get it for them when they were 5. I like your bloomers idea. :)