Thursday, March 25, 2010

Our Mornings

Our typical mornings are Neal hitting the snooze button 50 times then eventually getting up an hour after the first alarm went off. Yes I said first alarm. He sets two to three. The second alarm goes off one to two minutes after the first and they snooze for five minutes each. Heaven help me. I can't tell you how many times I've said something along the lines of, "If your alarm goes off one more time I'm going to break your leg (arm, neck)." But Neal being Neal he waits until it does go off once more AT LEAST before getting out of bed. It's normal for me to deal with multiple alarms for an hour. If I can sleep through it, "woohoo!", but then there's those mornings I wake up to each alarm. The bigger problem, beyond being disturbed, is it messes with my dreams. I can have crazy dreams during this time and because I'm being partially woken up the dream pauses, then starts right over. Grrr... Well, eventually Neal gets out of bed and heads to work. Lucky for him he has a little flexibility on when he must arrive.

It could be anywhere from before Neal leaves to maybe an hour later Kaitlyn Joy wakes up. I do everything in my power to go back to sleep once his alarms cease. However when Kaitlyn comes in to wake me up, all sleeping is over. Every morning she comes into my room and crawls in bed with me. I'll turn the TV onto PBS and she'll watch Super Why, The Dinosaur Train or whatever show is on depending on the time. After a short time of that she wants to go eat. Normally before Kaitlyn gets out of bed she will lay there for a while talking to her stuffed animals, Madie or maybe just to herself. After a bit when she comes to find me she's geared up to talk. I don't like talking in the morning. I'll just say, she's her daddy's child.

This morning however... Where's my child? When did she finally fall asleep last night? She came into my room and wasn't talking. She crawled up in bed beside me. I looked for the TV remote, but discovered it was next to the TV. However Kaitlyn really didn't seem to care. I noticed she was having a hard time keeping her eyes open. In a minute or two she was asleep and she's still sleeping. I have come downstairs, eaten breakfast, and spent some time online and she has STILL not come down. What's up with my child? I hope she doesn't wet my bed. Is it wrong that my second thought is that she's at least on Neal's side of the bed? =) Maybe this is payback for all those early morning alarms.

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