Sunday, March 28, 2010

Another Year Has Passed

I'm 33. *sigh* As kids Jeremy and I were right when we said mom and dad were old at our current ages. And we'll still be old when we're our parents ages. Why must time march on so fast?!!!

So yesterday I turned a whooping 33. Maybe I should start by saying I hate odd numbers. I really do. It's a quirk I have. So here I am turning 33, three months and three days after Kaitlyn Joy turned three. Ugh! Maybe it's not that she is in her terrible threes it's the number three. Odd numbers really irk me. I remember saying something like this to the ladies on a discussion board when Kaitlyn Joy turned three months, three days before I turned 30. Stupid threes. And before you ask I don't like five, seven and nine either. Like I said, I don't like odd numbers. Maybe I'll be better at 40? Yikes!

Yesterday we went to an Easter Egg hunt at a Rainbow Play Sets "show room". Kaitlyn Joy had a lot of fun. She didn't get many eggs, but hopefully the little she got greased her gears for next weekend when she hunts while camping. She kept wanting to look for more. There were so many little kids looking for eggs and parents who wanted to make sure their kid got so me eggs. By the time Kaitlyn Joy picked some up from one little patch I looked up and parents and children were everywhere. They were probably all gone in less then a minute. They were giving away some awesome prizes too. The big one was a Rainbow Play Set. That would have been nice to get. Another prize was a tree from a nursery that they would plant for you. We did win a basketball clinic, but I'm trying to see if someone with an older child would like it.

So, I'm laying here in bed typing on a laptop and just got joined by Neal and Kaitlyn Joy. I asked Kaitlyn what she wants to do today and she said, "go camping and Disney World." We are going camping next weekend and Disney World the first week of May. She talks about both a lot. And now they are reading Curious George. =)


Wittschen's said...

Happy Birthday! I'm having a hissy fit bout turning 30... I hope that 33 is your best yet, so maybe you won't hate the number 3 anymore!! ha

Hilary said...

You crack me up about the odd number..well 33 isn't all that bad :) trust me I just left it!! Happy Birthday :)