Sunday, March 14, 2010


It seems everywhere you turn someone is talking about cancer. Lately I keep stumbling across children dealing or more so dying from cancer. My heart breaks as I read their story of being a healthy baby then one day around 15-18 months old something wasn't right and they hear the words "cancer". And for those like Layla Grace whose cancer comes back and they lose their battle... Well, since hearing Layla's story I've read several others. They all seem to be right around Kaitlyn Joy's age. Now I must say, I can't follow your lives anymore. I have a healthy three year old that I won't live in fear for her life. Cancer and death are very real, as is life. We are choosing life.


Hilary said...

I's heartbreaking and I can't even imagine that pain!!

Your new header picture is GREAT :)

melanie. said...

my comment has nothing to do with cancer. just wanted to let you know that your new header picture is ADORABLE! Kaitlyn looks so grown up!