Friday, March 12, 2010

Table Before & After

Two weeks ago we pulled up Craigslist and looked for a good used table. We wanted a used one for several reasons one being with a three year old we expect there will some abuse to it. I would want to beat someone (Kaitlyn Joy and okay Neal too) if we suddenly had a burn mark, marker, or scrape on a spanken new table. The table we got is simple and not exactly my taste. However it's VERY sturdy. To make it more us before we brought it into the house... well let me show you the pictures.

First off, the wood is lighter then I prefer, it's oval, and check out those white legs and lovely seat covers!!! Let's get a closer look at those seat cushions.

Oh, wow, they truly are lovely. Before I offend anyone, if this is your taste then great, go for it. However this doesn't match are home. It's an easy fix though.

We can't change the stain color right away, but there were things we could do to make it more us. Before it came into the house we painted the legs black and recovered the chairs. It made for a long day, but a great activity. The table was dry here, but we put paper under the legs to keep the black off the floor. I guess I could remove that now...
Neal's flash is killing the color of the seats.
Now I need to paint the kitchen. Ironically we want the same color walls as the people have in the first picture. Currently we have the leaf out of the table (in for the pictures). I didn't like us all sitting so far apart. The smaller size really suits us. I only wish the wood was darker then the oval/round shape wouldn't be so bad.

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Hilary said...

You did great with the make over :)