Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Angel Moments

Another website asked for us to share our angel moments. While I have them typed out I thought I would put them on here.

My angel moment happened when I was maybe 19 or 20. I was driving down a country road headed to my parents house. On my right was a deep ditch and my left had a shallow ditch that levels out almost even with the road a little ways up. I noticed a car was sitting in the level area. The car in front of me passed the idling car then within a minute before it was my turn the car darted across the road completely blocking it. No sooner was the car blocking my path did I notice a toddler in the back seat pop up. Knowing that if I T-bone the car at 60 mph the unstrapped child would be killed I yanked the wheel as hard to the right as I could get it. It was to late. I knew it. A split second before impact I closed my eyes while saying, "Oh God, oh God, oh God..." It was the only prayer I could get out in the tense moment. And then nothing... No bang, no scraping, no screaming or sliding. I opened my eyes and I was driving out of the deep ditch completely unharmed. I looked in my rearview and the car was still there. "Yes" I told myself, "it really did happen." I finished my short drive home completely stunned. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt I should have hit that car, but I also know there is a God out there who heard my repeated two word prayer and sent His angels to stand between those two cars that day and to safely guide me back out of the ditch.

My less dramatic angel moment was just before Christmas 2009. My almost three year old wanted to help mommy cook some chicken in a frying pan. She pulled a chair up to oversee the process. She had been standing there a few minutes when she lost her balance, threw her arms out, smacked the very hot pan and started pulling it on top of herself as she fell. While she fell I grabbed the pan and shoved it back on the stove. I tried to catch her too, but for the most part I just slowed her fall. Again I was back to my short prayers, “Jesus!” I snatched my burned daughter off the floor and quickly rushed her to the sink where I ran cold water over her arm. After a couple moments of that I remembered the Aloe plant. I broke some off and started rubbing it on her arm. Only… I couldn’t find the burn. I stopped everything and really looked. She wasn’t burned. I saw her touch the pan. I know flesh came in contact with it, yet it didn’t burn her. While finishing dinner I turned the pan down and started cooking casadias. Still shaken up by what had happened earlier I wasn’t careful enough when flipping one and ended up touching my thumb to the pan. It gave me a big blister. To me it was proof that there was no way she could have touched the pan when it was hotter and not walked away burned. Angels must have been protecting her while she fell.

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Jennifer Juniper said...

My heart was actually pounding as I read about the car in the road!