Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Yesterday I decided it was time to do something I haven't done since I was around 34 weeks pregnant with Kaitlyn. I pulled out my Epilady and plucked my right leg. Most of it anyway. I went until the thing went dead. It's recharged now and ready to reek some more havoc on my legs. Why use an Epilady you may be wondering??? Your legs really do stay hair free for a long time. I'm tired of having prickly legs and always having to shave. If I stick with the Epilady this time it should be quicker and less painful next time because there will be less to pluck.

So a birthing story for you... Like I already said, I used the Epilady before having Kaitlyn. Only, I had the same problem that it went dead after one leg and I had to recharge it. I never did go back and do the other leg. On Christmas Eve at 4:45am my waters broke. I called the hospital and they said to take a quick shower then come straight in. I did a quick leg check and was surprised how smooth it felt. I took my quick shower went to the hospital and had Kaitlyn. It may have been a couple weeks before I was ever awake enough to feel my other leg and realize my big blunder. The doctor was probably wondering what in the world was wrong with my legs; smooth on one side, gross hairy on the other. Yuck! Today I woke up the same as I did that Christmas Eve morning three years ago; one leg smooth and the other one... not.

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