Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Day

Every day Neal comes home and asks what we did today. Kaitlyn's always stumped. You can almost see the question rattling around in her head. Kj, "What did we do? Ummm... I'm not sure." I think one reason we don't remember everything that went on is because a big chunk of our day is spent trying to get Kaitlyn to go to sleep then being worn out when she finally does. Let's face it, it's after 5 pm and to late for a nap. However I'm still trying for SOMETHING resembling one. Kaitlyn has decided to strip and tear her room apart. So what did we do today? Shopped for fabric this morning, bought two fish, then played the nap time game.

Fish... Heaven help us. Out of the seven fish we've had in that tank only one has lived. He's a strong guy (assuming it's a boy). We've had him about a month now so I decided to go get a couple more friends just like him. Before leaving Petco they gave me 101 tips on adding the fish. I followed all their little rules, even turned the tank lights off so everyone would be at a disadvantage. While... our loner wasn't pleased. Now I thought he seemed lonely and why not he was alone. However he doesn't like his two new tank mates. I waited a second then took both of the new fish out. I called the 1-888 number on my Petco receipt and asked them if he's aggressive now, will he stay that way. The lady thought so, but told me to call the store. I called the store and they told me to move everything around in the tank (plants & big rock) so it's not "his" tank anymore. I did that then turned off the light. Fish #1 hid in the newly positioned plants. Fish #2 hid behind the rock I put in the corner. Fish #3 hid in another group of plants. After a bit they all started venturing out. Meany #1 eventually went back to his old ways. I haven't taken the other two out again. I'm thinking about going back for a second big rock. Something that will go with what we already have in there, but a new item that #1 doesn't own. It will also give us another hiding place for #2 and #3 to get a break.

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Hilary said...

Good luck with your fish :) Happy Valentine's day too!!