Sunday, February 14, 2010

Booty Cracks On the Ceiling

You never know what you will get when a three year old prays. Kaitlyn will pray about her day, last week, something we talked about, or something to come. Tonight she was thanking God for booty cracks on the ceiling. Oh how things can get mixed up with kids. A couple hours ago I was collecting laundry when I noticed water behind the toilet. Grrr… Kaitlyn has been playing in the sink a lot lately. A couple days ago I used three towels on different occasions to clean up her water mess. After cleaning up the water behind the toilet I headed downstairs. I told Neal what I found. We started telling Kaitlyn how she could hurt the house by splashing water on the floor. At that point I looked up and sure enough there was a crack in the ceiling (the bathroom was over my head) and a water mark. =( At that point I thought Kaitlyn was going to lose her head. I wasn’t happy and Neal seemed to have steam coming out of his ears. She got a nice long lecture which involved threats of giving Madie (her favorite doll) away to another girl. Yes we were mad. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said, “Stop playing in the water” in the last couple days. Once we were done threatening her and taking away her privilege of playing in the tub, we had hot dogs. Afterwards a conversation of cracks came up. I started asking her when she split her rear. Hehehe… I know that’s mean. I asked if Dr Brock did it when she had surgery. She said no. After several questions she finally said yes her cheeks were split when she was born. Hence her praying about booty cracks on the ceiling. =)

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