Saturday, February 6, 2010

Church Hop

I hate picking a church; I really do. We've been out of town on Sundays a lot so it's been a while since we have tried a new one. The very idea makes me want to hyperventilate. I would just like a single Sunday service church like we had at Abundant Life in England or Grace International in Willis. I want a church I feel at home at. I want one where the people actually enter in and their not just there to be entertained. We need a place that has a good children's program. I would prefer one that has less then 300 people. And one thing that is very important to me is the kids staying in until after praise and worship.

It seems all the churches around us have 2-4 Sunday(one's on Saturday night) services. I understand that to have that many you MUST be structured, but honestly I feel I need to moo while walking through because we are cows being herded through. I think I've been burned by multiple service churches in the past because as soon as it starts feeling like that I want to run. We went to one church a couple times that has two services and to me it didn't feel like a doubler. I guess it did in that the worship team was fired up and ready to go. I liked the church other then it was extremely loud. I don't mean oh, poor me, that's a little loud. It's more like dear Lord where are my ear plugs. It was bad. I might as well have been at a concert. However, I would take ear plugs if the sound was the only issue. The thing that I hated most was they don't have anything for Kaitlyn. She was in a room with a lady and maybe six other kids. The lady's job was simply to watch the kids and make sure they were well cared for. She didn't have any help so they didn't have any kind of lesson. On a random note, it was a big church so I'm a bit puzzled there were so few little ones. I know they did have a room they said I could take her into (usually for babies) where I could watch her during the service.

Anyway, we need a church. I'm just scared to keep looking. "Church, where are you?"


Lisa said...

Hi Jennifer, you don't really know me but I'm in MOPS with you and I saw you had a blog at one point so I get your updates now ...

Wish we could help you with this but we're a part of home fellowships and there isn't really a kids' program, though we do things to include them and they have places they can play.

The only idea I had for you was Northwest Hills on Potranco. We have some friends who attend there and it seems it might fit your criteria. I have never been there, though.

And if you do decide the kids' thing is negotiable give me a holler and you're welcome to come with us. Our group meets on Sunday nights most of the time, but tomorrow we're meeting in the morning since the superbowl is at night.

Maybe I'll see you Monday ...


Bethany said...

Jennifer, I'm not sure if this is what you are looking for, but we visited Macarthur Park church of Christ a few times and liked it. But, living on Lackland, it is way too far for me to want to drive every week. Much closer to you. It is a lot bigger than what you mentioned, but at the time we were going they only had one service, no doubling up. They have a good children's ministry. Also there are no instruments so no need for ear plugs. :0)