Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Holly Jolly Swap Blocks

Mom and I finished our swap blocks and got them in the mail yesterday. For anyone from the swap who may be reading this, I'm in group 1 and mom is in group 4.

Here's samples of my blocks:
For some reason this picture came out really bright. The blue is ornaments and doves and as you can see the red has snowflakes.
My theme is ornaments (in case you didn't notice). I made them all different. I know they won't be together, but I had a hard time with the idea of making them all the same. The one on the left has yellow beads at all the crossing green lines and the one on the right has white and red beads. Some of the blocks have a different shape, more like a teardrop; on those I hung the teardrop both ways. Some have a simple ribbon, others have snowflakes made out of beads.
Here's mom's blocks. I know I should have put mine together and only snapped one photo like this. Anyway, the nine patch is of candy canes and the word "Joy". Her theme wasn't ornaments, but gingerbread "men". Here's one of her ladies.

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