Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Snow Driving

Having two computers in the house really hinders my posting on here. You think it would make it easier and more often, but it doesn't. I want pictures to be apart of my post and they always seem to be on the other computer or one of our two cameras. Now that I'm sitting at a computer with some pictures I haven't posted I thought I would. These were taken during the storm on January 6th while we were trying to get home from Minnesota.

Noon in South Dakota.

It was pretty bad in SD.

Then we got into Iowa. This was taken at 3pm. It only got worse from here. We didn't take pictures of the turned over cars on the side of the road. As darkness quickly approached we were overtaken by the storm. We had to pull over and wait two days just over the boarder in Nebraska.

Thankfully by the 8th the roads were clean enough we were able to drive home. This picture was taken in Nebraska.
Kaitlyn was getting "cabin" fever. Her legs are going through the arm holes of her jacket. The hood is hanging down by her rear.

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