Wednesday, November 4, 2009

One of Those Days

With Kaitlyn Joy it can be "One of Those Days" (OOTD) everyday. It's rare Neal will come home and I tell him it's been a great day. Usually he can tell or should be able to tell what kind of day it has been when he walks in the door. If Kaitlyn is crying it's OOTD. If she's happy go lucky then thank God it's a good day. Yesterday I would have called it an ultimate OOTD accept I emotionally handled it well. It's when I'm ready to knock her head off before 5pm... well you get the picture.

I can't even tell you what happened when because it all ran together. I know the first thing was me catching her in the bathroom washing her foot in the sink. She was coating her leg in soap all the way up her calve. I got the soap off her leg and hands then talked with her about not wasting the soap. I noticed the container, despite her waste, was almost full from me recently filling it. I didn't know at the time this observation would be important. More on that later.

At some point in time while we were still downstairs I told Kaitlyn to go to the bathroom. Let me stop here and say Kaitlyn Joy is potty trained, but gets busy and doesn't make it to the potty on time. I HATE the not making it on time. Recently I cleaned my carpet after it smelt like a urinal. I kept waiting on Neal to say something, but his sniffer seems to be broken 99% of the time; the stats are pretty spot on in case you are wondering if I'm over exaggerating. It wasn't until I brought the Rug Doctor home did he say he could smell the pee. Anyway, an hour and a half after I returned the thing Kaitlyn forgot to go potty again. =( My newly cleaned carpet was dirty again. I was so fed up that when Sadie peed on the carpet a couple days later I went out and bought a carpet cleaner. So back to yesterday... I told her to go potty, but instead she went into the bathroom and started playing with the spring door stop. A few minutes later she came back into he living room with the door stop in her hand and wet pants. She did it again. She got busy playing and didn't go potty. This is actually very common in the bathroom.

If I ever tell Kaitlyn to go to the bathroom I have to either check on her a minute or two later or keep my ears pealed for what's really going on in there. Here's some tips for you... Going potty doesn't consist of running water first. Going potty shouldn't include the thumping of her hitting the toilet paper to get half the roll off. It shouldn't take longer then a couple minutes and if it does she might be pooping and will need attention anyway. Running water first means she isn't going potty, but flooding the bathroom. She will splash it so much her clothes and the floor looks like she just took a bath in the toilet and jumped out to drip on the floor. Beyond the flooding issue she typically will play long enough she remembers she MUST go potty, but will not get on the toilet in time. Of course. *sigh* Recently we stopped putting toilet paper in the holder in both our downstairs bathroom and Kaitlyn's bathroom upstairs. Neal will sometimes use these bathrooms, but they are primarily the ones Kaitlyn goes too. If the toilet paper is right there next to the toilet she will unroll it. And as of recent she will then put it in the toilet. We probably went through three rolls of toilet paper in 3-4 days before we stopped putting it back on the roll. I don't believe any of it touched her rear. She's just learning how to clog the toilet like her daddy. =)

At some point in time she went back into the bathroom and started playing with the soap and water again. When I found her HALF the soap was gone and I had a mess to clean up.

One time she came up to me say something. I was distracted by the smell of Frebreze. I asked her if she had been playing in it and she said yes. She then said it burned her eye. I pulled her close and noted the front of her hair wasn't wet from water, but Frebreze. Augh!!! I marched her into the wet and now stinky (Frebreze) bathroom, soaped up her hair and washed it out in the sink. I scrubbed the floor, toilet, and sink by hand last night, but the bathroom is still overpowering. It might be on the walls. Grrr...

So much more happened yesterday. These were just the messy happenings. Things like cleaning the kitchen out of apples and bananas. Eating some and leaving the rest around the house. Sadie didn't mind finding Kaitlyn's treats. There was also the hiding of the dog treats. Kaitlyn thinks it's so funny to steal Sadies chews and hide them in the compartments on her riding toys. I can't tell you how many times in the last two days I've collected Sadie's chew from a riding toy or had Kaitlyln do it. Now when Sadie gets it and especially when she sees Kaitlyn, she will run around the living room trying to keep it away from her.

Yesterday was one of the few days when I was tired and decided to nap while Kaitlyn did. I put her down and about 30 minutes later I headed for my bed. Just as I started to fall asleep I heard Kaitlyln. I put her back to bed then headed back to my own. This went on, back and forth, for her whole nap time. She never did sleep. In the midst of it all my head started banging which made me want to nap all the more so it would go away.

Let's hope today goes better.

Oh, I did score one for the home team. While at Walmart yesterday I found they had clearanced all their Carter brand PJs to $5 so I bought Kaitlyn five pairs. I wanted to make Kaitlyn some PJ pants, but I figure by the time I bought or made matching tops they would cost the same or more then store bought PJs.

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