Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Best OOTD From Yesterday

I forgot to share the best "One Of Those Days" (OOTD) happenings from yesterday. Kaitlyn wasn't downstairs long when I heard her playing with water. Fearing the worst I asked what she was doing. I quickly moved to demanding she come upstairs. Perhaps at this point I should share that I was in the bathroom. Kaitlyn LOVES making her move while I'm in the bathroom. She knows there's little I can do about her shenanigans. So she's playing in water and surprise, surprise, surprise she actually takes my threats to heart and comes upstairs. The sleeves of her sweater were wet. She told me she was playing in Sadie's water bowl. We had a few words about how she knows she isn't supposed to play in Sadie's water. A few minutes later we both went downstairs. I walked into the kitchen and what do my eyes behold? My worst fear. The step stool is in front of the sink. The dog water bowl is in one sink and my thawing chicken is in a bowl on the other side. I asked if she played with the chicken water. I had to show her the bowl so she would understand. She said, in the sweetest voice she could muster, "yes". FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE THAT WAS OUR DINNER!!! I quickly stripped her sweater off seeing how it's chicken water on the sleeves. She flipped out. She acted like losing her sweater was another form of punishment. For all who were wondering... we did eat the chicken. Yuck I know. It actually tasted great. We cooked it well, killing all the doggy and Kaitlyn germs.

One more thing, today wasn't OOTD.

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