Thursday, November 5, 2009

Home Alarm

This morning after our usual crawl into bed snuggles Kaitlyn and I were ready to start our day. As we were heading out of the room she suddenly got on a "where's my flower blanket" kick. She's running all over up stairs trying to find her quilt. I told her that I washed it. She calmed at that point and said she was going downstairs. I said told her I was going to the bathroom. Thank God I didn't get farther then walking into the bathroom because a second later Kaitlyn had run downstairs and to our garage door. She was still looking for her quilt. Suddenly the house alarm was blaring. Of course I thought there was an intruder and grabbed the shotgun. No really, I knew it was Kaitlyn. I ran down the stairs and turned the alarm off before the alarm company called. Kaitlyn acted a bit frazzled, but settled down when I pulled her quilt out of a clothes basket.

Tonight I think I will put a twin sheet and quilt on Kaitlyn's bed. When I've done this before I took her mattress off and used the sheet and quilt like a taco shell. It keeps her covered and from un-tucking the quilt. For all scratching their heads, her crib turns into a daybed. Her mattress is still the short crib mattress.

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