Sunday, November 15, 2009

Oatmeal & Sugar

This morning I made Kaitlyn oatmeal for breakfast. We typically have cold cereal, but I need to go shopping because we have really wiped it out this week. When I told her we were having oatmeal she acted like it was a foreign substance. She got on a step stool and looked into the container to see just what this "oatmeal" was. Once satisfied she jumps off the step stool and went to the silverware drawer where she retrieved a fork. A fork? "Kaitlyn we don't eat oatmeal with a fork", I said. At this she insisted I get her a spoon (in dishwasher). By this point her oatmeal was done and cooling. She finally got out from underfoot so I set out to make her oatmeal tasty. After a bit of butter, a tad of sugar, and some applesauce, I served her breakfast. She took one look at it and said "raisins!" Ugh, I forgot. However that does mean she remembers eating oatmeal before. I remember too so instead of putting the raisins in the oatmeal I put them to the side of the bowl. She digs them out with her figures anyway. I know, yuck; I really do try to get her to be more civilised. Of course having her raisins beside the bowl wasn't acceptable. She added them all to her cereal. Of course she then ate them out of the bowl. Let's hope the spoon was more handy this time.

Okay, that was completely random. On another random note we have been giving Kaitlyn sugar for a year this month yet we still limit it. She only gets milk, water, and watered down juice to drink. She thinks she's really cleaver when she steals one of our sodas. Last night she found Neal's Chick-fil-A cup on the table. I heard her in the kitchen announce daddy left his cup. It was quickly followed by a sucking noise. *rolls eyes* I had to go save the cup. On the sugar note, she rarely gets cookies, candy, ice cream or cake. If we have pancakes she uses sugar free syrup. And she only knows the taste of sugar free jelly. I figure if it's something she has never had then she doesn't know the sweetness she is missing. In case you are wondering I only buy sugar free jelly now. Until recently we have only had sugar free syrup in the house. Neal and I decided to buy some of the real thing and try mixing it 50/50. Kaitlyn doesn't know it's supposed to taste better, but we do. =)


Dragon's Dolphin said...

Jennifer, she'll be so much more healthy without all the sugar the rest of us can't seem to get away from!

Hilary said...

Well your better than I am with the sugar...we just don't allow "cokes" here...just juice,milk,water or suger free kool-aid so some day my kids will be like you have been holding back on us! I tell them that the Cokes are Daddy's but they still beg for them! Can you believe that Thanksgiving is only 9 days away..that only means that Christmas is just around the corner! YIKES :)