Friday, November 20, 2009

ABU Drama

Neal has been bugging me about needing to update his ABU (camo) top. It had to be done by today. At some point he pulled it out and took the rank off. Because of his job he no longer wears rank. He bought the new name tape I needed to add and washed them both. We have found washing the top and tapes before sewing eliminates all the annoying puckering that most people have. Once he had it ready for me to sew he decided he better try the top with all his new gear. It was tight. Ugh. We should have expected this. He has to buy all his shirts that will go over his gear a size larger. He seemed fine having his shirt "stretching" across all his junk. I wasn't okay with it so I bought him a new top on Monday. He left his gear at work so he couldn't see if it was better. He tried it out on Tuesday or Wednesday. Wednesday he brings me the top and his ABU pants and showing me they are two different colors. When they first brought the ABUs out they had one that was more of a brown and one with more green. I'm not sure if they finally stopped buying fabric from two different places and maybe we have the bottoms from the fabric no longer used. Anyway, he shows me the color difference and waits on a response. I don't remember exactly what I said, but it went something like this.

N- "Look at this."

J- "Yeah". Said same as so what.

N- "They're different."

J- "It's fine."

N- "But it doesn't match."

J- "So what?!" Getting frustrated the color difference really matters given the regularity the garment is worn.

N- "You don't have to get upset I'm just showing you they are different."

J- sternly, "I'm not getting upset, I really don't care." snicker... I really didn't and still don't care.
Suddenly he really cared they didn't match and had to tell me so. My thoughts? He hasn't worn ABUs in over a year. Why should I care that for the one day in over a year he has to wear them they won't be a perfect match? It's not at all worth it to me to spend $30-40 on new ABU pants just so he can match once a year. Maybe he will start having to wear them once a month, but even then it's still not worth it. Originally he was worried you could still see where the rank was on his old ABU top. You couldn't. He also fretted on the tapes not being the exact same color. He bought all new tapes. *rolls eyes* I told him the color difference, ever so slight, wasn't enough to warrant the work of taking off the old and putting on new ones. If his superiors complain then I'll go buy him some pants.

Yesterday I sewed on all the new tapes and it looked great.


Wittschen's said...

first of all...are yall kidding me with all the pregnant comments and that Dane is wanting a sibling!!!!! :) Yall are starting to freak me out a bit!!! if yall jenx me oh girl it is so on!!! haha

2nd...yes I am very happy with this new dr. He just filled in all the gaps that I have been questioning. I'm so happy about no surgery!!

3rd...this post totally cracks me up!!! That is so funny. you and your husband are just like Kevin and I except we are reverse roles! Kevin wouldn't even notice that the colors didn't match...and I would be stressing about it! HAHA

Hilary said...

hehe!! that made me laugh!:)