Monday, November 2, 2009

OCC Part 2

Today Kaitlyn and I took our Operation Christmas Child package to MOPS with us. Kaitlyn was so happy to be going. She kept saying, "she'll be so excited!" When we arrived at the chapel she said, "Let me take it to her." I kept explaining we wouldn't be able to see the girl get the package because she doesn't live around here. During one conversation we talked about how neat it would be to see her open it. During MOPS Kaitlyn played while I helped the ladies pack shoe box totes for OCC.

Kaitlyn Joy... She's so funny. She keeps playing with he beads on my top today. Several times she would point at what I thought was my necklace and say, "You have a U." This Word World at work in our daily lives. I thought she was being a goofy kid about the whole "U" thing, but a little bit ago she said it again then traced my V neck with her finger. =) Smart kid. She sees words and letters everywhere and tries tell us what they are. She doesn't always get it right, but she's usually close.

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