Sunday, November 1, 2009

Christmas Shopping

Oh, no I said the "C" word and we've only just hit November. That's right people Christmas is coming whether we're ready or not. Here's my thoughts... Buy early so you don't have to stress nor fight the crowds when it's weeks or days before Christmas. Buying early means you get the cream of the crop. One thing I bought Kaitlyn about four weeks ago is no longer on the shelves. I take that back I saw one a couple days ago, but only one. Retailers are worried about a slow holiday season so they are marking prices down NOW. Yes you can wait till Black Friday and hope what you want is on sale and still in stock or you can buy it now while it's at a good price. It sure doesn't hurt to be pulling up adds online. I was in Target last week and was surprised by all the clearance items they had. They don't keep items out for sell long so walk their isles and find those great clearance areas on end caps.

One thing I like about buying early is preventing the financial crunch. If it's spread out over a few months, it's not so bad. Usually I start picking things up for Kaitlyn shortly after I make a mental note to figure out what she likes. Now here's the problem... a $10 item here, a $20 item there, well it can add up. Target had some great DVDs on sale last week for $10. I had been wanting to get her Surf's Up and guess what... it was on sale! I resisted the urge to give it to her. I decided it's to close to Christmas so I put it away. They also had Happy Feet on sale, but I stopped at one DVD. Then I went to Walmart and they had the new Tinkerbell on sale as well as a double pack of Monsters vs Aliens (she LOVED that movie), and a double pack of Ice Age movies, which she loves the first one. There's also random items that Kaitlyn needs that if I wait to long they won't have like PJs. Again it's to close to Christmas for a whole new set of night clothes so I've been putting them up. Of course we also face the problem of it not getting cold enough in Texas to really wear PJs. I'm hoping Dr Brock says shes done with her brace next month and she can start wearing gowns for the first time since she was a newborn. So in hopes of being brace free after Dec 3rd I bought her a gown with Abbie (from Sesame Street) on it.

On a random PJ note, we were at Walmart a couple nights ago and noticed they had two piece Gerber PJs in her size. However Gerber ALWAYS runs small. Even though she wears 3t the size chart on Gerber PJs is a size behind making her wear 4t. They have been that way since before she was born. It's annoying. In England we would buy her the Gerber one piece sleepers and a couple different times I took packages back because they were to small. =(

Anyway, I'm excited for Christmas. I'm still stumped on what to get dad and Jeremy. What do you get a bachelor that doesn't want household items and is big into video games. I KNOW! I'll give him a couple hours of my time to help him fill out a eharmony profile. =) Hehehe... This might just be ploy to get more estrogen in the family. I had to have Kaitlyn just to even things out.

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