Thursday, October 29, 2009

Operation Christmas Child

It's that time a year again. Time to pack a shoe box full of fun stuff and little goodies for a child in a far off land. This year my MOPS group is joining together to fill boxes. I was assigned 15 boxes of colors. Some are bringing soap, others socks and so forth. On top of our 15 boxes of colors Kaitlyn and I are working on our own box. Oh, one of the options is to use a plastic shoe box tote over a regular shoe box. I decided to go this route because the tote will last longer for the family. I know my box will be going to a child who more then likely has never had a Christmas gift before; any gift for that matter. I'm sure they could find a creative, useful really, way to use the tote. Our MOPS group suggested we buy things from the Dollar Tree which is were we picked up the colors and several other items.

Today Kaitlyn and I went to Walmart for the tote, a small doll, and a wash cloth. My goodness you would have thought the doll was Kaitlyn's. I think she didn't understand. She put the doll in the tote and kept talking to her. I kept reminding her the doll was for a little girl.

After we got home I pulled out our other goodies and we packed our "shoe box". With every item I picked up Kaitlyn would declare it was for her. It took me repacking the box (to put a flat item on the bottom) for her to really get into it being for another child. She grabbed a step stool so she could watch it all go back in. One of the last things we put in was a small hair brush and mirror. Kaitlyn said, "Let me do it! Let me do it!!!" I really wasn't sure what "let me do it" meant. I was waiting on her to run the brush through her hair, but instead she tucked it into the box. There's still a little room so I think I'll make a couple hair bows and add them.

A few minutes ago she ran by the package on her way to the bathroom and said, "girl be so excited!" Talking about the girl who will get the package. =)

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