Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Christmas Shopping

I'm now on the hunt for Christmas gifts. Whenever we are out I'm always trying to spy something Kaitlyn may like. I didn't see board puzzles at the BX so I bought her a couple "real" puzzles for ages 3+. They have 24 pieces. I bought her some blue play shoes and the memory game. Last night her and I did a bit of shopping on and came away with a doll sling from ApplePieKids. She's selling them for a good price right now if anyone wants one for the little girl in their life. I saw others on Etsy selling slings for the same price, but they were made out of what looked like discount fabric. They weren't girly really, just slings. This lady had maybe four different prints. It was a toss up between the cupcakes or cherry print. We went with the one below.

This is the image of the one we bought. It looks like Maddie's head sticking out. I know what you are thinking and yes I could have made it myself. I felt once I bought the fabric, clips, and thread, the cost wouldn't be that different. This way I didn't have to figure out how they make them. If I ever need another one I will use this one to make it.

Kaitlyn has started playing with her Chou Chou cry baby; in the non-crying mode of course. Yesterday she wanted to change her clothes, but we don't have any that fit the doll. I may have to expand the doll clothes pattern I have for her longer body and try to make this poor doll a second outfit. Either that or breakdown and go buy one that's made for her at Toys R Us. She's 19" long, not 13"-15" like the pattern and Kaitlyn's girls. BTW, her cry baby has yet to become one of The Girls. I'm good with that. She sleeps with The Girls and 1. her bed is full, and 2. talking dolls aren't the best option at night. Sarah giggles, but I have never heard her do it at night. Kaitlyn slept with Elmo a couple times and he just wouldn't be quiet. I had to band him from the bed.

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