Thursday, October 8, 2009


My goal each night is to be giving Kaitlyn a bath around 8:30 and get her in bed by 9. If she is being really good we let her stay up longer. The bad thing about that is that we may let her stay up to long. To long means she is bawling through her bath and impossible when dressing and putting her brace on. And then there's tonight...

Tonight we were trying to eat dinner when Kaitlyn decided to act like a child who didn't have a nap and it was after 10pm. Truth be told it was right at 8pm and she did have a nap. She was was a nightmare. Our dinner was filed with time outs. I finally had to take her cup away. We had such a good day so I'm really puzzled by her bad behavior.

When it came to giving her a bath I knew we were past her expiration. She was screaming and fighting Neal. Personally, I don't play at bath time. If she is being a brat, I get her to go potty. She seems to think of this as a way of getting out of taking a bath. Truth be told I need the moment to get the water warming and make sure I have a towel and washcloth for her. As soon as everything is ready I grab her off the toilet and pop her in the tub. If she's still fighting it, no problem. We now have a second shower head that is hand held. I spray her down. Shampoo. Spray. Conditioner. Spray. Scrub. Spray. Then quickly get her out. Thankfully it's a quick process that gives me little time to hear her screams. If Neal is home and nearby once her bath is done it's my turn to hand her off while I run get all her stuff. My goal when she's cranky, like tonight, is to get her in bed ASAP. And then I take a breathe.

I need some ice cream now. I sure wish we had some sweets in the house. =)

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