Thursday, September 24, 2009

When I'm Gone

Neal and I have talked about if one of us dies who the other one can marry. I don't mean naming people, but characteristics. I've always told him if I die and he remarries that she has to be a big boned girl. At first he said it was mean that I would want him to marry a fat girl. He said she would have health issues because of her weight. I reminded him that I said big boned not fat. She can be a skinny Minnie as long as she has a Goliath frame. LOL... I don't want him to marry a slim petite girl he could pick up with one arm. She has to be bigger then me with no hope of being smaller. =) Anyway, a couple nights ago we were going through our final wishes again. He said if he has to marry a big boned girl that I have to marry a fat guy. It was my turn to tell him how mean he was to have me marry a guy who isn't healthy, but instead I said, "That's fine. He can lose weight." Hehehe... To late, he can't take his wish back. I'll find myself a fine fat guy and we will lose the weight together. LOL... At that I thought about his "If-I-Die-Wife's" face. I finally shared my debate with him. I wanted him to marry an ugly, big boned girl, but I wasn't sure I wanted Kaitlyn to have ugly half brothers and sisters. *snicker, snicker* Does anyone see anything wrong with this train of thought? No sooner did I say it to him did I realize that unless he will be doing IVF with her, Kaitlyn wouldn't be having ugly half siblings. At that our conversation was done. I'm sure a year from now we will teas each other again.

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