Thursday, September 24, 2009


I'm signed up for the retreat February 19th-21st, 2010. It sounds like a lot of fun. Reading up on it and seeing a friend's pictures makes it sound a lot like going to Brookhill Ranch for Hettie Lou's Women's Seminar. BTW, Hettie's website stinks. It doesn't make anyone want to go with how Plain Jane it is. Really though, her camps are a lot of fun which is why I think we went so many times. It's good being around a group of Christian women, roughing it (kids camp bunks), eating good food, having a ton of laughs, and hearing Hettie speak. Well all of those things are a part of Craft-N-Camp except Hettie of course. Instead of hearing Hettie speak you do crafts, have three demonstrations of different crafts, and a devotional on Saturday night. My friend's pictures also showed them playing a couple group games.

Does anyone else want to join me at Craft-N-Camp? Come on you know you will love it. Check out their website and sign up!

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