Friday, September 18, 2009


Today is a no panties day! Go ahead and kick them off people! Free yourself of those terrible burdensome things.

Okay really... Kaitlyn has taken her panties off twice today saying they are wet. Both times I hunted down her panties only to find them dry. What's the deal?! Picture this, I'm outside wearing my stylish gardening hat, ripping LONG grass roots out of the ground when out walks my child whom I thought was sleeping. I'm making small talk with her on why she isn't in bed. All the while I'm plotting my next move of either having her help me clear the flowerbed (have to start them early. hehehe) or sending her back to bed. Behind me my neighbor is finishing clearing out his house while some carpet cleaners are there. Kaitlyn seems to be debating her next move too as she gets a little closer. Suddenly she squats down a little while playing with her dress. OH MY GOODNESS I JUST SAW CHRISTMAS!!! AKA girly parts. I ran her back into the house for some panties. It turns out she took them off just because. She said they were wet, but they weren't. Kids!

I guess it's good she's a girl. If a boy did that he would have flashed all my neighbors his goods before I could get him back inside.


Hilary said...

Kids!!! Good luck :)

Anonymous said...

Jen, if Kaitlyn was a boy, he would have walked out of the house buck naked, peed in your flower bed, and been surprised at the strange sounds coming from you!


It's been awhile since I have checked in on you and your family--all my best to you!