Monday, September 14, 2009

Oh My!

My day just went from good to, "oh my goodness!" Kaitlyn was getting tired and after going potty actually went into her room and crawled into bed. This never happens so I was happily amazed. I was searching online for an embellished fall apron idea when I had one of those "I HAVE to go to the bathroom right now moments". Seeing how I can multi task I took the computer with me so I could keep up my apron search. Don't laugh you know you have thought of it or done it. I don't just want to be cheesy and add turkeys that look like Kaitlyn's hand print. Although something like that would be fine for me and maybe a good idea as a keep sake for later, it wouldn't work for my swap partner. The good news is I found one that I think is really cute. Okay it's not overly fall/Thanksgiving. It only had a couple embellishments to it, but nothing crazy. Actually the feminine flare and simplicity are what I liked best about it.

So with the apron idea found I left the bathroom only to smell something... wrong. I quickly look around for what I already knew I would find. Doggy poo with blood. Yuck! Double yuck! Let's just say there was more then one bit of poo in a couple different rooms up stairs. Sadie has been sick and apparently still is. I locked her up for the remainder of her sickness.

Once back upstairs with my cleaning supplies I started filling a bucket up with hot water. The bucket was smelling like bleach so I decided I better dump it and fill it again. When I lifted the bucket off the water spout I raised the shower knob causing it to turn on. Now I have wet hair. I turned off the shower head and cleaned out the bucket. In the middle of doing this I heard Kaitlyn at the bathroom door. Oh my goodness she walked by a couple "areas" to get to me. I quickly put her back in her room with orders to stay there. She immediately started crying saying she had to tee-tee. Fine! I put her on the toilet. I noticed at that point that all her clothes were wet which she was crying about. I stripped her down to her nothings and put her back in her room. She wasn't happy about this. She wanted out. Me? I didn't want to be cleaning up bloody dog poo, but does anyone care? No! So I told Kaitlyn to stay in her room until I came for her. I told her Sadie is sick and now mommy needs to clean up after her. She didn't care.

I cleaned up Sadie's mess and put the dirty washcloths in the washer with her bedding; soiled in the night. I then had to go back and deal with Kaitlyn. She was sitting against the wall crying with a blanket up to her neck. She looked like a sad naked orphan. I dressed her, changed her sheets then put her back to bed. Where she still is, but she isn't sleeping. =( It might be a long afternoon if she doesn't get her full nap in.

Me? Besides sitting here on this computer typing this out I'm about to get back on the task of making a Christmas present.

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Hilary said...

Oh no!! Poor Mommy!