Sunday, September 6, 2009


When can you stop saying you are potty training? I feel like I can say Kaitlyn is trained now. She isn't having accidents and dare she start to go (this hasn't happened in days) she stops and runs for the potty. We bought her a Potty Watch, but it didn't arrive until she had the potty timing down really well. I'm now using it as an out and about potty watch. I don't want her to forget to go potty when she's in the play area of Chick-fil-a or at Walmart.

Now that she doesn't have to wear her brace during the day she has a little bit of Independence when going potty. Today is the first time she has taken advantage of that. I was downstairs when I heard her yell for Neal saying she went potty. I thought he had put her on it. I didn't hear him so I went up for wiping duty. She already had her panties on and was running around telling me she went poop and what a good job it was. After wiping her I found Neal still in bed so she did it all her own.

On another note, I'm still working on some kind of wrap for her leg. I made her a wrap out of an Ace bandage that works pretty well. I'm not sure how long it will hold up though. It slips on her leg and up her hip. I have yet to add elastic for the waist and a loop in the top of the wrap to slip the elastic through. It worked well yesterday though. Because it's not finished we would put the wrap on first then her panties. It worked. I just put a pair of knit shorts on her and checked out how much extra room was in the right leg before it became snug. When she wakes up from her nap I'm thinking about adding roughly 1/2" inseam to the right leg and seeing how well they fit. If it works this could be the easiest way to bind her leg up.

Can you believe she didn't want the wrap on early and opted for the brace?! Crazy kid. Neal tried to talk her out of it. I said if she wants it, give it to her. It's better for her hip anyway and it applies pressure to her surgery sight.

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