Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Like Father, Like Daughter

Kaitlyn Joy... She may look a lot like me, but she can be so much like her daddy. Oh, what am I saying she's a blend. Since she was born she liked to scare/surprise you. At just a few months old she would quickly straighten her legs while you changed her diapers then laugh at your response. That would be me in her. LOL...

This morning though... This post stemmed from this morning events. Like ever morning Kaitlyn came into my room and crawled in bed with me. After a couple minutes she said, "blood!" I quickly grabbed some tissues and put them on her nose. I looked over at my pillow that I had abandoned for her, and it had blood all over it. Ahhhhh!!!! I striped my pillow then went to check out her pillow. Not as much, but sure enough there was blood on her pillow too. I'm assuming she was bleeding because she picked her nose. That's usually how it starts. Neal has nose bleeds though. If I find that it starts on it's own I'm taking her to the doctor. I would rather her not have to deal with nose bleeds if she doesn't have to.
Other random morning news... I was trying to move all the laundry around so I could wash the bloody pillow cases. All the while Kaitlyn kept saying, "I'm hungry mommy. Mommy I'm hungry...." I kept telling her to give me a minute and I would get her breakfast. I sent her to the bathroom to wash her face to buy me a little bit more time. When I walked in the house with the laundry she was eating a banana. I thought about being upset with her, but figured she took care of the hunger problem herself so I would let it go.
Kaitlyn woke up with a dry diaper today!!!! Hip-hip-hooray! If she keeps this up she can sleep without a diaper on. She begs every night to sleep in panties. I have to tell her she isn't ready. Then I tell her Randi (my cousin's daughter) still wears diapers to bed because she wets the bed sometimes. Actually... Randi may be done with them by now. Hmmm...
Kaitlyn Joy... *shakes head* She just came in here spitting all over me. She was washing her hands when she got soap in her mouth. How did she get soap in her mouth you may be asking? She's two use your imagination.

Kaitlyn found her old pacies over the weekend. She hasn't used one in over two years and had no idea she was sucking it upside down. Seeing how this one was 0-6 month size it wasn't much fun to suck on. When she was a baby I decided she wasn't going to be an older child with one of these in her mouth. I told Neal if she wanted to suck them when she's a year old she will have to do it with a 0-6 month size. However we didn't let her go that long. Babies lose their need to suck around 4-6 months. When she was four months old I noticed she wasn't using them much during the day. I kept it around a bit longer because we were about to fly back to the States (from England) and I wanted it to make her ears pop. When we got back from our trip I put them away and she was fine with it. It sure went much better taking them away when she was done sucking at 4-5 months then for parents who wait until their children are 1-3 years old. We had maybe one mildly fussy night. She was really fine with it.

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