Friday, September 11, 2009

Christmas Crafts

I'm running late and it's my own fault. I really need to get my Christmas crafting underway. Well I've started I just need to hurry and get farther along. I've finished one gift, started on another when I realized I needed one more thing to put it together. While out buying the "one more thing" I picked up the bulk of what I needed to complete three other gifts. My plan for today is to put gift #2 together and then cut out #3. I can't say what the items are because there are to many eyes around her that would learn what they are getting for Christmas.

Here's my Christmas gift rule this year... If you get a handcrafted item from us and it was hand delivered (by us not USPS) then you can't use it until we are gone. Why you may ask? I don't want anyone to feel they have to use the item whether they like it or not. This way if you hate it I don't have to know and there's no pressure on you.

Here was item one in the making.

I like the blue fabric


Present #2

Oh my is that zebra fabric?!!! LOL... You only live once so why not try out a little zebra? Don't worry it won't be that bad... I hope. I couldn't find a fabric to match the green so I decided "why not be bold?"

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Hilary said...

I like the fabric you have chosen..the colors are the zebra too :)