Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Third Surgery

Kaitlyn had her third and final surgery yesterday. Dr Brock removed the plate and four screws from her right femur. Afterwards he came out and talked with us saying she's a good bone grower. He said the screw tips had been sticking out the other side of the bone when he put them in, but they were covered (by bone) when he went in to remove them. We asked about pain meds and he said with some children Tylenol will be enough and with others they need prescription drugs. He decide to send us home to try out Tylenol and for us to call if that wasn't working. Seeing how she did so well after her second surgery with just a little Tylenol we decided going that route was fine. I should have said "no, give us the perscription." Right after getting Kaitlyn to my parents house she fell asleep. I took off for Walmart to get some Tylenol. I gave her a dose around 2pm. The poor thing woke up in a lot of pain. Her diaper was wet and had soaked through so Neal took her brace off, but she wouldn't let him touch her beyond that. I told him to leave her alone for a little bit so the Tylenol could do it's magic. She went to sleep shortly there after so I left her in the pee diaper. I figured it wasn't poo so she could stay there a little longer. Two hours later I figured I better see if the pain was gone. It wasn't. She was crying about her leg hurting and not wanting to be touched. I immediately called Dr Brock's office and asked them to call in the pain meds. They told me to give them an hour then call the designated CVS and see if they have the prescription. An hour. When your 2.5 year old is in pain an hour is a long time. It really only took them about 15 minutes to call me back and say it was done. Mind you, when they say an hour, it's not so they can twiddle their thumbs, but Dr Brock was probably in surgery again.

Now the hunt was on. I called the CVS I had picked pain meds up for Kaitlyn before and they said they didn't have it yet, but their prescription line was blinking. They said it would take 15 minutes for them fill it. My parents are almost 15 minutes from the CVS so that was perfect. Of course when I got there they said they didn't have it. I quickly went to the other CVS in the city and they didn't have it. I even checked a Walgreens just in case. I kept calling Dr Brock's office just in case they were all on the phone and not really out of the night. By this point it was just after 5pm; an hour since I had called about getting the meds. I called Neal and he checked for another CVS in the area. Nope. He then searched for Dr Brock's and his assistant's cell numbers. He couldn't find the paperwork which means we took it to San Antonio. Finally he remembered he had Dr Brock's cell in his phone from when he had to call and give verbal consent for her first surgery. He called and got his voice mail. Augh!!! I went into the second CVS and asked if there was anyway to search all stores for the prescription. They did it and they called the one it should have been at. I asked if I could give her something besides Tylenol for the pain. They said no. Augh!!! Neal was able to talk with Dr Brock's aid and she said because of the nature of the drug she had to fax it in. I went back to the first store and asked them to check their RXNT. They were in he middle of printing off several prescriptions when I walked up. They said they just got it and they were filling it now. I said, "Good because my toddler is laying in bed with an overflowing diaper in to much pain for us to change her for FOUR hours." They didn't say another word. They quickly got me the drug and sent me on my way. I would just like to say SHAME ON CVS for not checking your RXNT for two hours. My poor baby was in pain longer then she should have been because your people don't check all means that prescriptions come in. Dr Brock's aid said this IS COMMON with CVS. So if you ever go to your local CVS for a prescription and they are sitting on their thumbs saying they don't have it tell them to check their RXNT just in case it was sent that way.

Oh, sorry, rabbit trail. The Hydrocodone has to be working, but Kaitlyn still cries about the pain. I'm not sure what we are going to do about going home. We are supposed to head back to San Antonio today. Neal has to go back because of work so no matter what he is leaving. If Kaitlyn doesn't start acting better soon then her and I will have to stay behind.

Please pray Kaitlyn's pain goes away. We would really like to get her home to San Antonio.


Wittschen's said...

oh poor lil thing! I cant believe that you had so much trouble getting the prescription filled. I cant even imagine what I would have done. Is this her final surgery? So she is still having to wear the brace I see. and I'm assuming that Dr Brock didnt tell how you how much longer either. We went and saw him today...long story I'll have to email you. I'm frustrated, and not really sure what to do.

I wil be praying for Kaitlyn that she has a quick recovery, and adjust to this surgery. Keep us updated with how things go!

Hilary said...

Poor Kaitlyn!! that brought tears to my eyes!!!! I can't imagine watching that...I HATE CVS too..I have migraines and it ALWAYS takes thems 10 millons days to refill my pain meds too so I totally feel for Kaitlyn....Wish I could give you both a hug! praying her pain is SOOOOO much better poor baby girl!! Glad her surgery went so great too :)