Friday, August 21, 2009

Doing Better Post Surgery

Kaitlyn is doing great. She hasn't had pain meds since Wednesday night and most of that came up immediately. Yuck I know. When walking without her brace on she does so with a limp so I know it's still hurting her.

Kaitlyn has figured out the magic powers of Yoohoo. I wanted to give her the Hydrocodone without a fight so I would put it in her Yoohoo or apple juice - heavy on the apple. Usually we dilute her apple juice 50/50. I made it stronger hoping she wouldn't notice the drug. She did. The last time I gave it to her she said, "Uwww, medicine. That's dangerous." And then she threw it up. Anyway, Yoohoo... The last time I gave her the drug in Yoohoo Kaitlyn started telling me how the chocolate milk makes her feel better. Goodness I didn't count on that. I didn't think about her asking for Yoohoo later on when she doesn't feel well. LOL... I guess time will tell. If she's sick one day and looks at me and says, "I need chocolate milk" I'll laugh.

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Hilary said...

Yeah!! Glad that she doing better :)