Friday, August 14, 2009

Woe Is Me

First I want to start by saying I write a lot of blog post. I know you are scrolling down or at lasting thinking about scrolling down right now to find those mystery posts. Well don't because you won't find them. While I'm putting Kaitlyn in the car, dealing with a meltdown (hers then subsequently mine. LOL), reading a book, or washing dishes a whole post will run through my mind. However it doesn't normally makes it's way to this page; as you all know. =) Well here's one that's not getting away.

Woe Is Me... We have moved into our new home, our first home, and my goodness the mess. Our household goods were delivered Wednesday. After bringing everything in we unpacked the majority of it. Mind you unpacking doesn't mean putting away. We had to take things out of boxes so the movers could take all the packing material away. Right now there isn't a place for everything, but there will be. The kitchen looks like it exploded. The table and counters are covered in pans, glasses, and plastic out the wazoo. I'm almost ready to throw out the plastic and declare it dangerous for our health. I know, I know, there's a real argument along that line. I really don't want to get into that now. I just want to stop running it through the dishwasher. Here's what is really starting to drive me batty... After several loads Wednesday and Thursday we are staring to get clean dishes to eat on however we are using dishes too. This morning I walked into the kitchen to find a new pile of dishes awaiting my attention. Ahhhh... these are real, dirty dishes, not just those that need to be washed because they were stored for eight months. Sigh... Will it ever end? No, of course not. I just need to get all that blasted plastic through the dishwasher quickly. Why can't the dishwasher be full of top shelves? I need more top racks so I can quickly finish all the top only plastic. Here's the real kicker about all of this... I don't like putting things in or taking them out of the dishwasher. After I do one of those I'm done for the day, but nooooooo, I must refill the thing once cleaned out. Oh, woe is me... woe is me... LOL... You know you're sad for me. Hehehe... Go ahead and admit it. Really, the hard part is finding the perfect place to put everything. I put the glasses near the sink then decided they would be better off by the fridge. Odd? Yes, but I'm hoping it will work. I had the silver wear near the sink, but moved them across the kitchen to one of the other two drawers. The drawer near the sink was off by its self so I decided to put hand towels and the like in it.

The pantry... what where they thinking? It has three shelves covering an eight foot wall. So eight feet and three selves... well you do the math. I think either the middle one needs to be raised so a forth one can be added or two more should be added on either side of the middle one. Originally I planned on knocking the thing out, but now I'm wavering.

Speaking of the kitchen, more plastic has made it through the dishwasher so I need to go deal with it.


Hilary said...

Hang in there!! the plastic will be done one day :) Yeah on moving in though!!!

MistySkye said...

Bummer! I hate moving, all the unpacking and organizing...URGH!! Good luck, and congrats on your new home.