Monday, August 24, 2009

"I Can't Like It"

Where she got this I don't know. When Kaitlyn doesn't want to do something she will say, "I can't like it." I tell her yes she can and she keeps pleading on how she can't. Last night she was upset with daddy about something and while I was trying to make her get on the potty she was saying, "I can't like it (the potty). I can't like daddy..." and on it went.

Speaking of the potty, she did really well yesterday. No big accidents. At the end of the day Neal asked me for another pair of panties because her first pair had a tiny wet spot on them. Usually she goes through 3-4 pairs, but she wore the same one all day until the wet spot incident. She hasn't left the house in a few days. So I'm not sure how I will handle panties out. I'm thinking about going somewhere today so their might just be a crash course in wearing panties in public.

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Hilary said...

Glad that she's doing do good :)