Monday, August 24, 2009

Loopy Drugs

I just downloaded all the pictures and videos from my camera and found a video of Kaitlyn from Monday. She had been given the loopy drugs and they were taking effect by this point.

Sure she can still count so she must be okay right?! Notice it makes her a bit ADD though. She quickly discovers the mystery of pushing the fingers in.

Ahhh... Starting to relax.

Neal didn't take pictures while I held her the above photos. She was really loose then. I tried to keep her as close to me as possible and support her head in hopes of her not freaking out. Once her head moved a bit to much (aka slight bobble) and she started to panic, but as soon as I pulled her in more she stopped. It seemed if she felt like she's in control of her body it kept the panic mode down. She never did scream and freak out like she did the other two times.

Notice Maddie, her ever faithful doll, was right there in the mix of it all. When she woke up from surgery she had Maddie with her.

One LOL moment was when a nurse and anaesthesiologist were talking about all the things that have gone back in the OR. Mind you we are talking about children having surgery so they encourage you to bring a blanket or toy that comforts the child. One said, "I've seen them go into the OR decked out in pistols, holsters, and cowboy boots." And the other one quickly threw in, "And that was just the doctors." Hahaha...

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