Friday, July 31, 2009

Houston Zoo

Last week we went to the Houston zoo. Kaitlyn loves the zoo. While we were in San Antonio she kept talking about going to the zoo and wanting to see snakes, giraffes, and elephants (among other animals).
Kaitlyn has never been able to play in the water area before so I let her this time. I figured I had a couple extra outfits with me so why not. She had a blast!

Kaitlyn liked this little frog that spits water. A hovering mom came in right after this shot was taken and wouldn't let Kaitlyn near the frog. I hate hovering moms. Okay, I stay close to Kaitlyn some times too, but if a kid comes up wanting to play with something I tell her to share. This lady would make Kaitlyn leave. Her child had been playing with the frog for a while too. More on hovering moms below.
As you can see, she was completely soaked. Thank goodness for the extra clothes.

Moms who hover... Or rather mean moms who hover; I don't like you. You know who you are. Me, my child and no more. Women like you should be banned from public places. Alright I'm being a bit extreme. I find when a mom sticks close to their child they will either be mean to other children or they're friendly and helpful. I watch hovering moms like a hawk to find out which they are. If they are mean, I stay near Kaitlyn to protect her from the jerk mom. We were at a park the day before going to the zoo and a special mom was there. She had a riding toy nearby that no one was allowed to play with. She wouldn't keep it near her because she was hovering up in the play equipment. She wouldn't put it away because she was lazy. Instead if Kaitlyn would get on it she would run over and make her get off. I was getting hot. I understood she didn't want Kaitlyn riding it and I did try (from a distance) to keep Kaitlyn off, but I felt the woman wasn't being fair. If she doesn't want a child to play with an unattended toy she needs to put it away. As I called Kaitlyn to leave the woman started telling me how she had to keep making my daughter get off the toy. She tried to make it sound kind. So in like fashion I in the sweetest way I could said, "She didn't understand why. We normally go to a park with sand (this one had wood chips) and everyone brings toys. We just put them down and it's a free for all. She didn't understand why she couldn't do that today." At that I grabbed Kaitlyn and started walking away while the lady babbled something about the toy not working well on wood chips. My thoughts... Shut up lady and put your dumb toy away. On a riding toy note. When we were taking Kaitlyn to the park with sand she would ride a toy out to it. She stopped at the sand and got off the riding toy. I took the riding toy with me and would dump toys in the sand. I kept the riding toy with me far away from the sand and other children. Doing this we never had problem with other children coming to play with her riding toy.

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Hilary said...

I mean really!! If you don't want to share your toys than put them away..I hate MOM's like than usually the kids are mean too...I feel you too..I mean really they are just toys and if they mean that much too you then leave them at home!! i hate the park bully too and the Mom who is talking and not paying any attention too her kid who is mean..I hate that too! I hope you had fun anyways!! :) The Zoo looks great..wish ours had a splash pad like that in it :)