Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sold "As Is"

Just because someone says they are selling something as-is doesn't mean they really mean it. Perhaps I should say for the sake of making a sell they may bend on their "as-is" condition. I saw on TV a first time home buyer negotiating with a bank on fixing a leak in their foreclosure before she would buy it. The bank quickly complied and she kept the $180 for the repair in her pocket. I saw the show after we learned the AC in the foreclosure we are buying needed to be repaired. Our agent took the "as-is" to heart and didn't suggest us requesting it to be repaired. On a side note on realtors, find one that bids and adds amendments as you would like. Ours doesn't. =( While talking to an assistant for the selling agent, in not so many words she suggested the amendment for the AC. Thankfully our agent jumped on the deal. While we waited and were still in our option period we had the AC checked out. The verdict was $800-$1,800 depending on the severity of the problem. Of course we could rob Peter to pay Paul, but Peter might just be Kaitlyn's pre-K tuition. Anyway, after waiting several weeks to hear back from the bank (the sellers) we learned the selling agent was having the AC checked out and getting bids. We heard a lot of conflicting info, he's going to fix it, the bank won't pay for it... We finally learned the problem was bigger then first assumed. The part need for our THREE year old unit was NO LONGER MADE!!!!! How in the world could it only be three years old and they have already stopped making the part?!! It did work out in our favor though. Scenario one... They put in a temporary until while they take ours away, build the part then bring it all back in 6-8 weeks. Or, two, they replace the whole outside until. We found out it would only cost a little more to replace the whole unit. Our agent spoke with the selling agent and they both agreed the best interest of both parties is to not drag this thing out and replace the unit. Today Wells Fargo (the sellers) has agreed to replace our outside AC unit. Woohoo!!! So don't always accept all issues with something if it's being sold as-is. It doesn't hurt to ask. We did and now Kaitlyn's pre-k tuition is still in our pockets.

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Hilary said...

Yeah!!! it's the whole house thing INSANE!!!! Hoping you get into your house soon :)