Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Small Victory

We have been "fighting" to stay in our hotel a bit longer for about a week now. When you initially move into TLF (Temporary Lodging Facility, or something like that) you are guaranteed 30 days of housing. To stay longer you must express your reason to the manager and BEG for a little more time. A little info for you... Most people have the chance to check out their new base before leaving their old. They have a little time to do a bit of house hunting then head back to their old base. Hopefully during their time at the new base they find a house and start working on buying it. When they officially arrive at their new base their house should be close to closing. People who are TDY (Temporary Duty; aka, Neal being at tech school) in route don't get the house hunting time before officially arriving. So here we are living in TLF waiting on our house to close, hoping we aren't shoved out in the street. When Neal gave the manager a letter the first time stating why we needed another month he was told they are booked. We were granted one day. Are you kidding me? One day?! We were told to call back to see if more days have opened. And so all week I have been calling back. For some reason the ladies who answer the phone have been giving me the run around. They won't even say if they have an opening, they just refer me to the manager who's never around. Today Neal went a round with them and they said they can fit us in until July 6th; this sure beats being out by the 29th. Now we just have to stay on them until we close at the end of next month. If we can't stay here then we will try to rent an actual hotel on base for Neal while Kaitlyn and I go back and stay with my parents.

On the house front we are hoping to close 30 days from today. Please pray this happens in record time so we can get our household goods back and stop fighting TLF. Can you imagine packing all your things up and not seeing it again for seven months?!!!! We have seen our things since Christmas. Please pray everything is okay. I keep picturing our poor waterbed, computer, and so forth in this high heat. Also, please pray for rain. We are having a serious drought here. What do I mean by serious??? The earth around the house we are buying has pulled away because it's so dry. Thankfully damage hasn't been done yet, but other homes are cracking because of this. We desperately need some good steady rain to moisten the ground. We are about to move to stage three on water conservation. The news said that will mean you can water your grass once every other week with a sprinkler. I have to question the point of watering if you can only do it every two weeks??? I mean really it will die anyway in the 100 degree heat we are having. On a random note when checking the weather on my Sprint phone it's starts the forecast off with "Awfully hot". Yes it is.

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