Thursday, June 25, 2009

Craft Hope

I just came across a great ministry that finds out needs of organizations then asks people to craft specific items that will be sent around the world. Their last project was handmade dolls going to orphanages in Nicaragua. Before that it was pillowcase dresses that went to Mexico. This time they are requesting everyone make booties, caps, and light weight blankets to keep newborns warm in India. Miracle Foundation will be taking all the handcrafted items with them on their trip to India.

If you want to know more about Craft Hope, would like to contribute or know someone who would you can check out their website.

I'm currently crocheting some booties to send in. BTW, booties are so quick to make, but with Kaitlyn and Neal around... it takes forever to make one. Last night I counted and recounted my stitches, but (grrrrr) if Neal didn't have to keep rattling off numbers over the phone. I finally gave up.

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