Monday, March 30, 2009

Pray for Dane

Please remember Dane in your prayers. Every time your little one toddles by or you see a young child playing think of Dane and say a quick prayer for his speedy recovery, his parents sanity (I'm only half joking), that they will all be well rested both in and out of the hospital and that the one surgery is all he needs.

Does this picture look familiar?

Here's the one I posted of Kaitlyn back in January after her surgery. Dane has gone through the same kind of surgery. He actually had the same doctor too.

This little guy has a long road of recover and cast time ahead of him. At times it can be really hard. His parents need God's help getting through it all. If you would like to peak into his life you can do so at the Wittschen's website.


Kristen said...

Praying for this sweet what awesome paretns too.

Take care,

Jessica & Ryan said...

Hey, i just read on Xanga that your coming to Lackland! Im at Lackland :) Do you have a myspace?