Saturday, January 24, 2009

Day 2 At Home

I continue to be blessed by both my FertiliChat and blog family. Of course my biological (and married) family has been a huge support too. As expected Kaitlyn has both good and bad moments/days. She woke up around 11 PM in pain so I gave her a little sippy cup of juice with Tylenol in it. After drinking half of it she went to sleep. She woke up again around 1 AM. Her and I went around and around. Nothing I did or tried to do made her happy. I even picked her up and she pitched a fit to be put back in bed. So back to bed she went. I gave up. She wouldn't go to sleep. I went for the good stuff. Her liquid vicodin doesn't taste bad (I tried it to see what the fight was about), but she still won't take it willingly. I put the syringe in her mouth as well as my finger along the side so she would be forced to swallow. She loves spitting it at you. Grrr... Well, there wasn't any spitting this time. I played Mario Cart on the DS for 20 minutes until the crying stopped (AKA the drug kicked in). She woke up once or twice more, but thankfully not for long periods. She woke up a little after 7 AM in a great mood. I wanted to keep things happy so I asked if she wanted some milk. When she took me up on the offer I laced it with Tylenol. LOL... I wanted to keep things happy. She's napping now... and the whole house gives a relieved sigh. =)
Here's some pictures I promised.
Kaitlyn slept really good across mom's stomach this way. It was hard on mom's knees (her feet were on the bed), but she held out so Kaitlyn could have more time off her rear.
This was Kaitlyn's second wagon ride at the hospital. Although she isn't smiling here she was loving the ride. Notice her hand is in a cup; she was eating ice. I put her in the wagon and walked her around the hospital. She loved it so much she cried when I took her out.
For all who have wondered about diaper changes, I flip her onto her tummy (over pillows) to tuck the diaper into the back of her cast. Her doctor's nurse was really impressed that Kaitlyn felt good enough to push up on her hands and knees (like in the picture).
Lastly, here's a picture of Kaitlyn opening her first piece of mail. This was a get well card from "Sundance"; one of the ladies I know from FertiliChat. This picture was taken the day she got home from the hospital. She has gotten a little more mail in as well as a package which included a second little table like the one in the picture. Yes, you may be thinking we already have one and don't really need a second, but let me tell you I was blessed to receive it. I meant to buy a second table yesterday so she would have one on either side of her bean bag chair. Now she has toys, books, and markers right in her reach on either side.


Dragon's Dolphin said...

Awe hun, I know it is hard. You're blessed to have your mom around and you can take turns sleeping and being awake with Kaitlyn. I've been sending folks over from my blog asking about sending stickers to the beautiful girl. Hope you didn't mind.

Carlotta said...

Kaitlyn seems to be in good spirits despite the middle of the night happenings. It amazes me how children can go through such things and do much better after it than most adults going through the something similar. So blessed you are to have help around you. It helps to keep your spirits up as well.

Hilary said...

I can only imagine how bad the "bad" time are!! Thankfully you have others there to help that so horrible to have to watch your kiddo be in pain..hang in there!! Wish you were closer so we could come by and entertain kaitlyn for you...but I am not that go at Mario cart or any of those games hehe!! Have a good week!! :)

AdoptedAsHisOwn said...

Oh my! I haven't visited your blog evidently in a while because I did not know you moved and I had no idea Kaitlyn was having surgery. I am holding all of you up to our Lord for His strength and healing! Oh, and your Mom looks like such a blessing!
In Christ, Aimee'