Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tummy Bug

Can you say "booo" to being sick?! I've had some kind of tummy bug since Monday. I really wish mom and dad had a set of scales so I could see how much all of this is helping the bottom line. LOL... I better be getting some good results from all of this. Thankfully if Neal must be away, I have mom here to help with Kaitlyn. Mom has been great with changing diapers, dishing out food or just watching Kaitlyn so I can get some sleep (or run to the bathroom). I'm so done with this bug. Thankfully no one else has come down with it yet. When I first woke up sick on Monday I thought it was food poisoning, but it still hasn't gone away.

On a totally different topic I was ready to add some Velcro to some modified toddler panties when I remembered I didn't buy new needles for my mom's sewing machine. Aah! I was going to cut out 2.5" squares for the bath mat or "making-it-up-as-I-go-along-quilt", but I decided to not stress the cutting until I knew I could sew it together. Because my sewing is on hold I decided to oil her machine. It should now be working well. I also looked up how to sew a skirt onto a t-shirt. I know it's not rocket science, but I didn't want to stretch out the shirt to put a skirt on it. I considered buying the directions from You Can Make This, but again, I knew it wasn't rocket science. I did a simple google search for t-shirt dress tutorials and what do you know... I got results. My problem is few options of knit dresses. I bought Kaitlyn a couple dresses from Walmart and Kohl's, but I feel really limited. Mom had purchased some fun fabric last summer which I'm thinking of using to make a tiered skirt onto a shirt. I actually picked up a couple 3t-4t shirts from Kohl's when I bought the dresses. If the t-shirt dress comes out well, I will probably make her a couple more. Otherwise she will spend more days like today wearing her sleeping shirt (regular tee from Walmart) all day long. The poor child needs options.

Speaking of Kaitlyn. I painted her toe nails hot pink. Her nails are actually brighter then her cast if you can believe that. Before the polish it looked like her toes barely stuck out the end of the cast. Now her toes seem to really stick out. She has such a little foot. I was washing her free foot tonight and was struck by how small it looks compared to the big cast she is wearing. Her dainty foot with hot pink nails was splashing in the water. =)


Dragon's Dolphin said...

Back 15 years ago when I was making t-shirt dresses for my daughter, I used regular cotton fabric that was ruffled to the hem of the t-shirt. It didn't stretch out the shirt and they were so cute and comfy for her to play in. I wish I had pictures of her in them. But alas, those pictures are buried in a box and a digital camera was something only BIG time photographers dreamed of owning!
Hope you're getting to feel better. I know how aweful that feels.
If she hasn't yet, Kaitlyn should have received the first envelope of stickers today or tomorrow. I'm putting another envelope in the mail today.

Hilary said...

Oh no jennifer get better!! Hope kaitlyn continues to get better everyday :)