Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Doctor's Appointment

All is well with us. I'm finally over my five day long tummy bug; thank God!!! Today was Kaitlyn's follow up appointment. Everything looked well in the x-ray. The doctor asked if she is crawling yet. I didn't know I should be encouraging it. She actually has started crawling. Sunday was her first time. I sat on the floor of my parents church nursery and watched her struggle to Army crawl to a toy. She made it to her toy. =) In her crawling she tore the gortex lining on the left leg of the cast. I taped her up yesterday. She now has tape on every "raw" edge of her cast. After seeing the doctor we were sent to casting. I have no idea how Dr Brock or his nurse thought the cast was to be fixed. The guy checked Kaitlyn out and asked what exactly was he supposed to do. I told him how she had torn the gortex and I had taped it up. I told him I thought it would last until the cast was to be replaced in four week. He agreed and said I did a great job taping it up. He said if he were to fix it, it would basically look the same.

Did you all know Duck tape comes in all the colors of a cast? The day we brought Kaitlyn home I picked up some waterproof medical tape from the drug store. After putting some on her cast I realized it doesn't stick well. I remebered a website I read where the parents of a girl in a spica cast said they bought pink tape for it. So I rushed off to Walmart for some pink tape. It actually matches it really well. While checking out Walmart's tape I noticed they had several colors all good matches for a cast.
Here she is Sunday, laying in a Target basket. If you look closely you may notice the pink Duck tape around the toes of her right foot.
Mom took this picture of Kaitlyn today while we were on our way home from the doctor's office. Right before she pulled the camera out Kaitlyn had stickers all over her face.


Hilary said...

Glad she's gwtting better slowly but surely!!!!

Dragon's Dolphin said...

Jen I am so excited that Kaitlyn is doing so well. I know that even though the cast is tearing up, that it is good news that she is crawling—even army crawling—again. You did a fabulous job with the duct tape. I wonder if they made duct tape in all the cast colors just so that it could be used for the purpose you’re using it for. Hmmmm maybe someone at the company had a child in a cast and needed a fix and thought of it. They always say that necessity is the mother of invention. Glad, too, to hear that you are finally feeling better as well. Whatever bug it is must be going all over the US, I’ve read so many blogs from all over, plus we’ve all had one form of it or another at the house, that it makes me wonder how it is in so many places at one time! ~Shelly~