Monday, November 24, 2008

Ice Cream

Kaitlyn had her first taste of ice cream last week. I told Neal because we made her wait this long I thought we should make it special. A simple ice cream bar or even a bowl of ice cream at home wouldn't do. On a couple occasions I tried to get him to buy her some ice cream from Baskin Robbins. He always found an excuse to put it off.
Monday while waiting for Kodak to reopen I bought Kaitlyn her first ice cream. At first she would just lick the spoon, the bottom or top it didn't matter. It didn't take long before she was scooping out strawberry ice cream. I was surprised she was actually clean about it. She didn't want to waste one drop. A couple times melted ice cream would run down the side of the cup and Kaitlyn would say, "mess" while catching it with her finger. Hehehe...

When she was done with her ice cream we printed the picture and added it to her birthday card.

This is the last shot I took of it before sliding it into the envelope. I know the characters on here mean nothing to most of you, but they all mean something to Kaitlyn. Actually The Shiny Show just went off (center characters with star) and the Doodle Do's are currently on (hand puppets on the left).
Here's Kaitlyn mailing her card. Because we have close to a month left in this house I took our address (and last name) off the picture.

Kaitlyn is 23 months old today. Can you believe she is almost two?!!! Well maybe you can, but it shocks me. She has reached the point in age we no longer say how many months she is. When someone asks I just say she will be two on Christmas Eve.


Hilary said...

How cute is she carrying that big letter....I am glad that she loved ice cream..baskin robbins..yummmy!! She really is getting so big! It has been a joy to watch her grow and change this year...have a great Thanksgiving too!!

MistySkye said...

I remember when my oldest were little and you were always cleaning them up. You would tell me how picky you were going to be when you had your own. I think it's hilariuos she's so clean. You did a great job! By, the way, great job keeping the sugar away for so long. We never made it that long, but every kid it did get longer.