Friday, November 28, 2008

Kaitlyn's Wishlist

For those who are wondering what Kaitlyn may like for Christmas or her birthday (although we aren't having a gift party until the third Sunday in May) here are some things she really likes right now.

Little People Learn About Town

Kaitlyn likes to play with this, as much as possible through the packaging, every time she sees it at the BX. When folded it's a bit big, but she needs toys in Texas so I thought I might buy it once we are stateside and ship it to Guam. She likes most anything that is Little People. She has the house, plane, school bus, mini van, two-seater plane, and tow truck. The last two were dropped off at the Airman's Attack and a friend gave them to me for Kaitlyn along with enough people to fill up the bus and plane seats.

Bubble Bath

Her love of bubbles has nothing to do with the brand, but the love of what the general product does. Recently I found a brand new container of bubble bath that needs to be used before we leave England. Kaitlyn has been getting a bubble bath almost every night. As I take her upstairs for a bath she is usually saying "bubbles".


Kaitlyn loves to color. Seeing how she now decorates her highchair (against our wishes) we only let her play with washable Crayons while strapped into her chair. She typically colors in a small notebook which she seems to prefer over coloring books.

Doll Paraphernalia

Kaitlyn is just starting to get attached to her dolls. We will be taking at least one doll to Texas with us and a doll stroller. It's the smaller items I know she would love, like doll clothes, blanket, doll carrying pouch like this one from Cashmere Cuddles.

Or this doll carrier/bed by Mimas

She also sells these cloth diapers for dolls.

I'm sure these would be easy to make. A little elastic in the legs, maybe some batting down the middle, and Velcro closers.
The more I look the more fun doll stuff I'm finding on Etsy. For those looking for great handmade gifts and would like to help support a stay at home mom is the way to go.
Kaitlyn is still growing into 2t. For the most part if I buy her anything while stateside I plan on getting her summer items in 3t. Seeing how we are moving to Guam at the end of May and every day is summer weather, even if the 3t won't fit by then, they will fit her soon enough and will get plenty of wear. Dresses are more forgiving if they are to big or small so my plan is to buy her 3t dresses and make her 2t (for now).
She loves purses, but still doesn't understand necklaces and bracelets.
She loves shoes too, but we are having a bit of an issue there. She still walks funny (on the ball of her right foot) and may have to start wearing a special "boot" to correct the problem. If we are cleared to do so I want to buy her some good sandals when we are stateside.
Other Ideas
Gift certificates to You Can Make This. I buy all Kaitlyn's clothing patterns off YCMT. A gift certificate to there is the start of an outfit for Kaitlyn.
I wish Fabritopia sold gift certificates because I love getting fabric from there. The owner is great and her fabric is wonderful quality! is another place a buy a lot of fabric from that mostly becomes Kaitlyn's clothes.
Oh, movies. Kaitlyn has the second Ice Age, Open Season, and Nim's Island. I think she would like most any animated feature with animals like Madagascar and Barn Yard.

And for those wondering what to get me this last section is good for me too. I have gotten a couple patterns from YCMT for me and of course the fabric came from or Fabritopia. I do shop other online stores, but these two have become my main choices.

*Once we are in Guam there are some little bit bigger items we plan on getting her, but I rather not ship. Some of those items are (but not limited to) child size mop and broom, doll bed, and doll highchair.

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