Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Doll Snowsuit

My plan to shrink to bottom of the snowsuit didn't work. I'm not sure what I was thinking. I almost finished the height when I noticed my dropping of a stitch was causing the seam to wrap around the front. =( I pulled out the stitches again. However this time I was ready to do it right. One thing I wasn't expecting was for it to be so obvious I dropped the stitch on the side with the seam; it was angling a bit to much. How I fixed the problem was dropping two stitches equal distances apart on the same row. I did it three times (lost six stitches) and the top was small enough for the doll. Now I'm working on condensing the top. This morning I followed the directions enough to figure out the plan then went back and pulled out some stitches to shrink it down. I believe the top is supposed to have 98 chains and I'm currently using 62. Although I had to put it aside after my first try, it does seem to work up REALLY fast. I was surprised how quickly I had what looked like a chest piece. With the bottom of the snow suit you do the same stitch around and around and around. It seemed to take a while; well, compared to the top. Okay, I'm off to work out the sizing of the top.

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