Monday, November 17, 2008


Last night I asked Neal how many parents spend hours on something they can't keep and may never see again? The preschool children's network (Cbeebies) here in the UK shows birthday cards every day. They have several requirements like size, the child's name and age on the card, what kind of picture of bday child, and what characters go on it. Saturday Kaitlyn and I went to a local grocery store to raid their magazine rack. Who knew you could actually buy preschool/toddler magazines? We bought three. Kaitlyn was thrilled when she saw all her favorite characters on the magazines. My plan was to cut them up for the birthday card. I felt really guilty cutting up some magazines she seemed to take joy in; I opted to go to the community center and print off her favorite Cbeebies characters instead. I think I will put the magazines away for our plane trip next month. My original plan was to paint the three puppets from The Shiny Show. After drawing Tiggs then panting the picture I decided I couldn't take out the time to pant Mukka and Dogsby too then send them off never to be seen again. When Kaitlyn saw my version of Tiggs she knew who it was right away. She kept pointing saying, "Shiny Show". I still have to put a picture of Kaitlyn on it.

This is the one I'm going to use. It will go at the top between the star and number 2. As a disclaimer I just want to say I didn't draw any of these characters. The only thing I can take credit for is the foil star and her name. The star is the "super shiny" from The Shiny Show. When you win the game show you get the super shiny. The dog, monkey and cat below it are from The Shiny Show. The three hand puppets on your left are the Doodle Do's. Kaitlyn sounds so funny when she is talking about the Doodle Do's. I think it's one of the few double word things she can say fast. By the way, the Doodle Do's are chenille gloves with eyes on top of the hand and feathers, rope, and/or other random bits covering the puppeteers wrist and arm. The dog on the bottom right is Pippin. She is always getting into mischief. Kaitlyn loves watching her and has even cried on several occasions when the show ends. The #2 is from the Numberjacks. I used it mostly because it's a 2. Kaitlyn does watch Numberjacks, but I think the math is over her head.

Because we will be in billeting on Kaitlyn's birthday and not getting Cbeebies we are saying her birthday is on the 17th of December. We are hoping the card is actually used so Kaitlyn can see herself on TV. They show them on the child's birthday hence the reason we are making her birthday come early. Our household goods will start being packed up on the 18th. On the back of the card I have to write her birthday, name, and a message from us.

Alright I need to go get ready to leave. The Kodak store will be open in about 30 minutes and I want to get that picture printed.

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