Thursday, October 2, 2008

MOPS and other updates

Kaitlyn loves going to MOPS (Mother's Of Preschoolers). As soon as we get into the chapel she wants to go straight to the one year old room. Because there are so many one year olds they now have them in two rooms. Today I took her to the main room and asked if they were full; they were. Kaitlyn started flipping out. I'm trying to walk her to the second room and she thinks we are leaving. She was pulling away from me trying to get into the room. I kept telling her she was going to get to play and that we were going into the next room. Nothing helped. I finally got her to the next room and put her in before signing her in. She took off. When I finally had her signed in and the name sticker for her back she was happy as a lark playing with stamps. I don't think she was doing much stamping as much as taking the bottom off and on. They were the same kind of ink stamps I had as a kid. She got to play with the paints a little bit. I came home with her hand prints on paper. Beyond Kaitlyn's thrill of playing with kids the meeting was great. I enjoy spending time with other Christian ladies. At the next meeting I will be in with the kids. I figured I better take my turn in there so when they said they were short I volunteered.

After a bout Monday of what looked like a rerun of the same sickness Kensey had before I called the vet and started giving him the meds I was sent home with last time. After a full 24 hours off meds I called the vet and cancelled his appointment that should have been today. He seems just fine.

Our move has been pushed back two to two and a half months. The new job Neal was going for he got accepted to do. The tech school for that job starts January 6th. We are trying to decided now how to hand us leaving being all jumbled into the holidays. We are nowhere near an answer yet, but were talking today about leaving between Christmas and New Years. Can you imagine being in a hotel over Christmas? It really wouldn't matter in the long run seeing how if we were here at the house we wouldn't have any Christmas decor because all our household goods would be gone or about to leave.
Just for giggles I thought I would share this picture with you. Kaitlyn thinks it's okay to sit in her doll strollers. Notice the bar sticking out by her thigh. There used to be fabric there, but her heavy booty is ripping it. I figured when it officially breaks I'll rip all the seams out and use it as a pattern to make another seat. Her TV watching from this perch didn't last much longer because the back wheel (as you can see) fell down into the couch.

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Sew Bee It said...

Wow, congratulations to Neal on the job! Not that many are accepted and I'm guessing he's rather excited! Good luck on the move, it's always an adventure isn't it:)