Sunday, October 5, 2008


I hate Kaitlyn being cold. Friday night I put her to bed in sleeping shorts and a shirt. Yes, I know this goes against my first statement. I thought she would be fine because I put a heavy quilt on her too. Well, Kaitlyn couldn't seem to stay under the quilt. Before I went to bed I had to cover her a second time. In the middle of the night I wake up to crying. My baby's cold. She was really cold. I sat on the step stool next to her bed with her rolled into a ball in my lap. I wrapped the quilt around her then waited on her to warm up. After a few minutes she started leaning to her bed. I laid her down then went for some sweat pants. When I came back she was still rolled into a ball and felt just as cold as when I first found her. I swapped the shorts for the pants and went in search of socks. There was a laundry basket of Kaitlyn's clean folded laundry just outside her door so I started looking through that with the help of a night light. Before I found socks Kaitlyn came walking out of her room dragging her quilt. In my split second panic (my baby is cold) and hesitation (what do I do) I wrapped the quilt around her and popped her in bed with me. She was not only warm, but asleep in no time. Thankfully Neal had fallen asleep on the couch watching TV and never came to bed so I was able to push Kaitlyn to his side of the bed after she was warm. If he had been in there our bed would have just been a little more crowded. Around 7:30AM he came in and I stopped him before he tried rolling on our fluffy covers and Kaitlyn.

Yesterday we went back to the BX and bought Kaitlyn three sweatsuits to sleep in. I know what you're thinking, "Why sweatsuits and not blanket sleepers?" Good question. The BX gets maybe two shipments of PJs in the fall and one or two in the spring. They NEVER have enough for the whole base. When I originally bought Kaitlyn the blanket sleepers I bought two twin packs. I returned the two and only replaced them with one twin pack; at that time I didn't know we would be here until January. When I went back all the sleepers were gone. A lady was just putting out some sweat suits, but Kaitlyn only wears those around the house so I dismissed them. About 36 hours later there were three tops left and thankfully two of them were 2t. There were maybe 10 bottoms, four of which were 24 months or 2t. I took both tops and three of the bottoms. Let's just say Kaitlyn was warm last night.

By the way, it was 35 when we woke up yesterday. Brrr...

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Hilary said...

I know what you mean..I always find popsicle kids in the morning!!35 is cold!!