Monday, September 8, 2008


Kaitlyn is being really trying today. She has thrown her cloth wipes and disposable diapers off her changing table four to five times today. If I had cloth diapers stuffed and up there as well as the container of wet wipes full she would have had those everywhere too. I'm tired of picking them up so now I have moved to making Kaitlyn pick it all up. Why not she made the mess and knows how to pick things up. Since the second mess of the day I've had her hand me everything while I reorganize it. I try not to let her seem me chuckle while she stoops over and hands me everything behind her back. Her I am looking at a little booty and back, reaching almost down to the floor anyway, so I can retrieve diapers and cloth wipes from her hands. There have been spankings. Yes, we spank! Don't confuse a spanking with a beating. Kaitlyn gets her thigh swatted once or twice when needed. It took a couple swats to get her going a few minutes ago, but she finally handed me everything. After picking it all up I told her to get on her bed. It's amazing she can climb a changing table/dresser, but not a bed. I gave her a little boost up. I wasn't downstairs no time when I heard the distinct noises of her making another mess. I immediately went back upstairs to see all my hard work on the floor again. No spankings were needed this time to get her picking everything up (I put the cloth wipes away this time as well as the water bottle (to wet wipes)) and headed to bed. I haven't heard anything from her. I hope she is actually going to sleep. She used her mess making as an excuse not nap this morning.

Oh, I better go call the vet.

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Hilary said...

Hang in there Mommy! When it rains it pours with Toddlers! I promise it will get better..sounds like life has been busy this week for's the doggie? I hope better. Have a great weekend...sending you good thoughts from across the big pond :)