Thursday, September 11, 2008


Why?!!! I hate Neal reading over my shoulder. No, it's not okay to correct or complain about what I type. I know many times my mind is working faster then my fingers so words get left out, but grrr... He is sitting on the couch complaining right now because I told him to stop reading the post I was working on.

Edit 1:30am: You know you like these little random tidbits. I really do hate Neal reading emails over my shoulder and he knows this.

He was home because I had to take Kensey to the vet. They think he will be just fine and that the meds he has been on will clear up his problem. Well... the bleeding that is. His bigger problem is that he is old. He has the start of cataracts in both eyes and needs his teeth cleaned and a couple pulled (one is about to fall out). I now must soften his food to make it easier for him to eat. I would hate for him to swallow it whole.

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